Lighting Equipment - Accessories


Quant. Owned



Strand Patt 223/743                              16

Selecon Acclaim                                    38

Selecon HP1200                                   24

Selecon Rama                                      15

Strand Cantata                                       2

Strand Cadenza                                     4

Chauvet EVE 150UV                             4

ETC S4 Fresnel                                     2

Selecon HUI Cyc/Flood                         4

Selecon Aurura Cyc/Flood                     4         


Strand Patt 23                                        4

Strand Prelude/Harmony/Cantata/SL    30

CCT Silouette                                         4

ETC Source 4 Fixed beam/zoom           6

ETC Source 4 Junior                              4

Gobo Holders

Strand Patt 23                                        2                            B size

Strand Prelude/Harmony.Canatat/SL    40                           B size

Selecon Zoomspot                                25                           B size

Pacific Fergo                                          2                            B size

CCT Minuette                                         2                            M size

CCT Silouette                                        20                           B size

ETC Source 4 Fixed Beam/Zoom         30                           B size

ETC Source 4 Junior                             25                           M size


To Fit Silouette, Cantata, Prelude, Strand SL, ETC S4


Wide range of gobo’s - Mainly “B” size with some “A” and “M” size

GAM, Rosco, Lee, Mastercut, DHA etc

Call to see what I might have.


Have access to most of Lee & Rosco range of colour gel.

Sheets or cut to size can be arranged.

Call for price and availability.

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