Lighting Equipment - Moving Head/Mirror, Colour Changers, LED Starcloths, Festoon and Neon


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Moving Head Profile

Luna Yoke - ETC S4 with DMX Iris/CMY        1                575w HPL 36º ETC Source 4 

Varilight VL1100 - CMY, Gobo, Shutter           1                1kw 15/30 plus Super Zoom to 70º

Martin Mac 250 Entour                                  12                250w Discharge, 2 x Gobo/1 x Colour wheel

Martin Mac 250 Krypton                                  6                250w Discharge, 1 x Gobo/1 x Colour wheel

Martin Mac 700                                              12                700w Discharge, CMY, 2 x Gobo/1 x Colour wheel

                                                                                            Iris, Animation wheel, 16/30 Zoom         

Moving Head Wash

RGB 56 x 3W Led head                                  8                 56 x 3W individual RGB Leds

Terbly OKI 190Z Mk1 RGBW Led Head         8                 19 x 15W RGBW Leds, 14-63º Zoom

Terbly OKI 190Z Mk11 RGBW Led Head       10               19 x 15W RGBW Leds,14-63º Zoom

PR1037 RGBW Led Head                              6                 37 x 10W RGBW Lens, 13-52º Zoom

Moving Mirror - Scanner

Martin MX1                                                     2                 10 Col, 18 Gobos, 15º Beam, 24V 250W MR16

Martin Mania SCX500                                    2                 15 Col, 15 Gobos, 15º Beam, 15V 250W MR16

Martin Mania SCX600                                    2                  9 Col, 7 Rot Gobos, 18º Beam, 24V 250W MR16

Colour Changers/Scrollers

Seachanger CMY + Extra Green                    6                 Fits any ETC S4 Lens Tube

Apollo MXR Scroller                                        6                Twin String makes most Lee/Rosco Colours

    Power Supply - 3 Scrollers                         2

Martin Pro 400 Colour Changer                     10                200w Discharge, 2 x Colour wheels

CCT Colour Wheels - Sil 30/Cantata             10                5 slots - uses 3 pin mic cable to data

    CCT C/W Control board                              2                 Run 6 x C/W off 1 control panel

LED Colour Changers

Chauvet Freedom Flex H4 IP RGBAW+UV   18                4 x 10W RGBAW+UV Battery/Radio DMX uplights

         Roadcase has inbuilt charger for 6 units, Batteries removable - Standalone or Chauvet D-fi radio DMX   

Chauvet Slimpar H USB RGBAW+UV           28               12 x 10W RGBAW+UV Leds, 24º Beam

Chauvet Slimbank T18 USB RGB                  4                 18 x 3W RGB LEDS, Built in Barndoor, 17º Beam 

Chauvet Colourband HEX 9 IRC LED Bar     24                9 x 10w RGBAW+UV Leds, 21º Beam


LED Starcloths

White LED DMX (3ch) Starcloth 7m x 5m      2                 Velcro ties around all sides. Can be hung Vert or Hor.

RGB LED DMX (24ch) Starcloth 6m x 4m      6                Eyelets around all sides. Can be hung Vert or Horiz.

LED Festoon

Chauvet LED Festoon Controller                    4                DMX/Standalone, Can run 3 x Strings (60 Globes)

Chauvet Festoon - 15m String                        8                Can use either RGB or VW Chauvet LED globes

Chauvet RGB Globes (20 per String)             8                 RGB Globes

Chauvet VW Globes (20 per String)               8                 VW Globe = WW, CW & Amber chips each adjustable

LED Neon Strip - Single Colour

Blue - 5m                                                         6                12VDC 4.5A for 5m length

Red - 5m                                                         2                 12VDC 4.5A for 5m length

UV - 5m                                                           2                 12VDC 4.5A for 5m length

20A 12VDC P/Supply & 4ch 8A LED Driver    2                 12VDC 20A Pwr Supply & 4Ch 8A LED DMX Driver

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